Welcome To White River Valley School District

Greetings from White River Valley Schools…Home of the Wolverines!!  I am proud to represent the students, Board of Trustees, staff, and parents of the WRV community as we work together to give our students the best possible educational experiences.

White River Valley Schools take pride in providing quality educational programs that meet the needs and aspirations of our students.  We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment, as well as creating intellectually challenging experiences while exercising prudent fiscal stewardship. We are committed to excellence in preparing our students academically and socially for their individual life pursuits.

The WRV Board of Trustees, administrators, teachers, and staff support student learning through high quality academic standards complimented by a variety of extra-curricular opportunities.  Our district mission statement is direct.  We want to provide students with great opportunities to realize their dreams through a RIGORous and RELEVANT CURRICULUM, while building positive RELATIONSHIPS within our school environment.  Our school system is very much like a family--the WOLVERINE FAMILY--and just like a family, we work hard, we play hard, we work out disagreements, and--at the end of the day--we have each other's backs.  I am proud of our students and staff for taking on this approach.

We believe education is the shared responsibility of the school, home, and community. The shared commitment of stakeholders to foster the development of a student’s physical, social, emotional, ethical, and moral competence will prepare our students to be productive members of our society.  It is our belief that a student’s education is a joint effort between the school and home.  I invite all patrons to communicate with school staff.  In addition, I will be holding open office hours to give our stakeholders an opportunity to meet with me outside of the school day.  (See the scheduled dates and times on our website.)

Let’s work together to give our students the very best!

Yours in Education,

 Dr. Bob Hacker


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