Supply Lists

White River Valley Middle School

Student Supply List 2016 – 2017

   5th Grade

Mrs. Cross

Mrs. A. Harris

6th  Grade

Mr. Graham

Mrs. York

7th & 8th  Grade

Mrs. Wilkes

Math/ELA Block

7th & 8th Grade

Mr. Carpenter

6/8 # 2 pencils 2 pkgs. of # 2 lead pencils #2 lead pencils #2 lead pencils
black pens (erasable)

& red pens

2/pkgs. ink pens

(blue or black only)

Tablets/lined paper Composition notebook
3 pocket folders Notebooks 2 or 3 Composition Notebooks Colored pencils
3 1-subject wide ruled

notebook paper (no loose leaf)

1 pkg. Expo dry

erase markers

Calculator (Texas

Instrument 30X-A)

Small art box 2 folders Charger (iPad)
2 black dry erase markers 1 pkg. basic markers Expo markers ( 3 or 4 different colors)
crayons or colored pencils 1 basic calculator highlighters (3 or 4 different colors)
2 glue sticks scissors index cards
2 lg. boxes kleenex glue binder
Ear buds ruler (clear) 2 boxes of tissues
1 pair of scissors protractor (clear)
2 black sharpie markers 2 large box kleenex