Pest Control Policy

The White River Valley School Corporation is committed to providing students a safe environment. It seeks to prevent children from being exposed to pests and pesticides. While pesticides protect children from pests that may be found in the school and its surrounding grounds, under some circumstances they may pose a hazard to children. Therefore, pest control practices may involve a variety of chemical and non-chemical methods that are designed to control pests effectively while minimizing potential pesticide exposure to children.
This policy does not apply to the use of the following pesticides:

  1. When used in normal cleaning activities: germ killers, disinfectants, sanitizing agents, water purifiers, and swimming pool chemicals
  2. Personal insect repellents when self-applied
  3. Gel baits or manufactured enclosed insecticides when used where students and staff members do not have access to the insecticides.

Pesticides will be applied by certified pesticide applicators and when students and staff members are not present, such as during non-instructional time or school vacation periods.
The corporation will:

  1. Inform annually parents and staff members of the corporation’s pest control policy at the time student registration by a separate memorandum or as a provision in the handbook.
  2. Provide the name and phone number of the person to contact for information on regarding pest control.
  3. Establish a registry of parents and staff members who want to receive advance notice of all pesticide use and provide such notice.
  4. Provide notice of planned pesticide applications to parents and employees who have requested dvance notice.
  5. Provide notice of all pesticide applications to school nurses.
  6. Maintain written record for 90 days for any pesticide applications.

The corporation will provide notice at least two school days prior to the date and time the pesticide application is to occur for parents and employees who have requested advanced notice. The notice will include the date and time of the pesticide application, the general area where the pesticide is to be applied and the telephone number to contact the school for more information. Anyone requesting notification needs to submit an annual written request to the school office. In case of emergency pesticide applications because of immediate threat to the public health, the school shall give written notice as soon as possible.

The Superintendent shall prepare and disseminate regulations for the implementation of this policy.

DATE ADOPTED: February 15 2001