To:          All L&M, Switz City Central, Worthington-Jefferson, and WRV Graduates

From:    Bob Hacker, WRV Superintendent

RE:          Stephen Campbell Alumni Academic Awards Banquet

Date:     April 4, 2014        6:30PM                 WRV Gymnasium


It is the goal of the Board of Education of White River Valley Jr./Sr. High School to  recognize the glory of our historic past, tie or past to the present for our current students, and recognize the academic success of our senior class honor students and their positive education influence.  We would like to start an annual program that honors an alumnus of the year from each of our feeder schools and the present consolidation school, honors our senior class honor students, and the present students’ positive educational influences.


  1. an alumnae of the year from each institution to be recognized at the annual banquet;
  2. the recognized individual will make a short 5 minute speech to our current students after being recognized;
  3. each honor student will be recognized;
  4. each honored student will recognize their most influential educator.

You may nominate as many people as you wish; an individual may also nominate him/herself.

Alumni Application

Questions, comments, or concerns may be directed to Mr. Bob Hacker at White River Valley at or at 812-659-1424.

This will be a wonderful way to recognize our history, tie our history to our present students, and recognize student and teaching achievement.  Thank you so much for your involvement.