Professional Development

WRV is very committed to ensuring alignment of professional development ensures the needs of our faculty and staff are met in order to prepare them to maximize the learning outcomes of our students.

Professional Development Academy

The Professional Development Academy (PDA) was established to provide teacher and staff assistance in meeting the needs of our students.  The PDA has meetings at least twice a month to provide faculty and staff professional development on topics such as educating at-risk students, getting parents involved in the educational process, proper planning to create student-friendly learning environments, and maximizing learning through questioning and effective feedback.

The PDA will also provide training in needed areas such as analyzing student data and linking it to instruction, effective classroom management, fostering the growth mindset in unmotivated learners, and differentiation techniques.  All of these PDA sessions will serve as a catalyst to improving the core instruction within the classroom and enhancing the school/student relationship which will be essential for the learning outcomes for all students.

Transitioning Teachers’ Roundtable

The Transitioning Teachers’ Roundtable (TTR) was established to provide support to teachers who were new to the district or transitioning into a new teaching area.  Each participant benefits from monthly workshops, extra observational feedback, and two book studies.   Each activity is aimed at meeting the needs of these transitioning teachers.

The goal is to provide professional guidance in the core of effective teaching.  Members of the TTR will gain valuable insight into the following areas:

  • Providing effective feedback
  • Engaging students in content
  • Differentiating instruction
  • Developing student literacy
  • Effective lesson planning
  • Other topics identified by members of the TTR